About Olympia Bakery & Confectionery

Olympia Bakery incepted its commercial operation in 1951 in a relatively small scale. Late M Basheer was the founder of this oldest bakery in Bangladesh. Himself a baker, he started with his own style and variety of products with a handful of employees and with the support of 4 sons Md. Nasir Uddin, Md. Nazir Uddin, Md. Munir Uddin and Md. Khairuddin in Dhaka. His fourth son Md. Khairuddin later moved on to London for higher education and later got settled over there. Rest of the sons carried on oaring after the leadership of the founder. This oldest family business is the symbol of joint family business in Bangladesh and that it wishes to continue with continual improvement to serve its customers.

Since then the company has been carrying on with the founder’s signature recipes in Bakery Cookies, Bread, Savory Bakery items and myriads of other Fast Food, Confectionery, Cake and Pastry items. The management’s focus is to operate through its own outlets. However, proliferated demand from consumers has paved a way for expansion of sales through dedicated dealership in different areas of Dhaka.